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Critical Power Resiliency is a leader in generator service and parts support in our served market.

Throughout our locations we carry a multi-million dollar parts inventory and have trained service technicians ready to help you get your equipment back up and running.

Our parts and rental staff are the best trained and most experienced in our industry. We have recruited and trained the talent needed to give our clients the best advice about the power system to meet their needs and to ensure the equipment provided is ready at all times to operate as it was designed and built.

  • More technicians for responding effectively to multiple calls during widespread power interruptions

  • Service personnel to ensure your equipment is maintained and ready to perform

  • Parts team trained to ensure parts are available to quickly repair equipment

We service and stock parts for all generator makes and models including; Blue Star Power Systems, Kohler, Caterpillar, Cummins, Generac, and MTU.



The automatic transfer switch is vital to your emergency back-up strategy we recommend regular scheduled maintenance to ensure proper function. CP Resiliency can provide the total solution to all your needs - from automatic transfer switch installation to testing, troubleshooting and maintenance. Our generator automatic transfer switch maintenance includes:

  • Checking all connections

  • Normal & Emergency Voltages, Current Readings, Voltage Drop & Pick Up Readings, Contact Temperatures and Time Delay Settings will be Checked and Recorded

  • Contact Resistance will be calculated and logged

  • Clean and vacuum ATS enclosure

  • Transfer Power to Insure Proper Function of EPSS

  • Customer Receives Detailed Report to Comply with NFPA 110 (8.3.5)

All automatic transfer switch maintenance is performed at your convenience and to the highest standards by EGSA certified technicians.

thermal imaging inspection of electrical equipment.jpg



Properly applied with Prime Power maintenance services, infrared testing provides an additional level of confidence about the overall integrity of your electrical system. Annual infrared scanning of your facility's electrical distribution equipment can reveal:

  • Failing Equipment

  • Overloaded Equipment

  • Load Imbalances

  • Loose Connections and Hot Spots

  • Corrosion

Industrial electrical switchgear room or MDB room, Industrial electrical switchgear electr

Switchgear RetroFit

Switchgear retrofit, modernization, or upgrades, can virtually eliminate emergency power system downtime and disruption of business operations. Modernization will:

  • retain generator engines, fuel systems, radiators and piping, main electrical wiring, gear enclosures, and in most cases, buses and breakers

  • eliminate electrical and mechanical work, modifications required to decommission and remove old gear and install new gear

  • prevent the need to rent and locate temporary generators on site

  • meet rigid project timelines and deadlines

Modernization enhances technologies and units and creates new highly-efficient ones to improve system operation, monitoring and control. The goal is to achieve flexibility, ease of maintenance, better operation control and quick access to precise information. For example, a digital display provides real-time data on amperage, voltage and phases, and can alert staff when conditions are not within preset limits. Step-by-step, user-friendly instructions on the display are a big help to the operators.

In the context of EPSS, modernization refers to the following:

  • Programmable logic controller upgrades - this is a low cost way to improve the reliability and functionality of your controls. These upgrades add redundancies and additional functionalities that enhance operation.

  • Custom controls - modernize breaker power transfer-switch controls and add annunciation to SCADA systems that can provide the control capabilities that the businesses want.

  • Demand for modern control switchgear to monitor the loads.

In switchgear retrofits, the switchgear is upgraded by replacing old circuit breakers with new ones inside existing cubicles. This is possible because metal enclosures, bus bars and other static components within a switchboard, are often still in good condition after years of service. A switchgear retrofit is recognized as a reliable means of extending equipment life without the high costs and hazards that can be associated with total replacement. Alternative solutions for maintaining electrical switchgear include reconditioning, conversion, and partial or total replacement of equipment.


Load Bank Testing

Load bank testing of standby gensets is a preventive maintenance practice for an emergency power supply system (EPSS). The testing is primarily meant for diesel-powered gensets. The main purpose of this testing is to help ensure the genset's reliable operation during utility power failure. If this testing is performed regularly, it can extend the genset's life. CP Resiliency has load banks on hand that will handle wet stacking, diagnostics, and troubleshooting.

If your Emergency Power Supply System (EPSS) contains a diesel-powered generator your equipment may develop a condition known as "wet stacking." Wet stacking occurs when unburned diesel fuel escapes the engine's cylinders during the combustion cycle and accumulates in the exhaust pipes. Fuel can escape the cylinders when the combustion temperature and pressure is not high enough to adequately expand the piston rings and make a complete seal. Unburned diesel fuel in the exhaust system then becomes a fire hazard. Thereafter, once the system is operated under adequate load the exhaust will heat to a temperature high enough to ignite the fuel that has accumulated in the exhaust pipe creating a potentially disastrous fire. To prevent this from happening, the generator must be regularly operated under enough load to increase the combustion temperature inside the cylinders to seal the piston rings and burn off any unburned fuel that may have accumulated in the exhaust.

Caucasian Male Superyacht Engineer working on the engine room, inspecting the generator wi

Scheduled Maintenance 

CP Resiliency highly recommends scheduled maintenance. Your standby and emergency power system requires upkeep and maintenance. Poor maintenance schedules or standards can put your facility at risk when you need power the most.

A CP Resiliency scheduled maintenance program can save lives, help you avoid costly expenses, and allow you to perform your most vital functions - without interruption.

CP Resiliency employs licensed electrical and mechanical engineers to ensure that your standby and emergency power system meets the most stringent standards of excellence.

CP Resiliency can provide mechanical and electrical troubleshooting, diagnostics, testing, and maintenance for all makes and models.


Generator Distributor

CP Resiliency will custom design an emergency power system that meets your specific needs, and also serve as project manager through to completion, from installation to start-up, testing, and regular maintenance.

As an independent generator dealer, we will help you choose the best solution - meeting your needs where you are - in terms of budget, size, fuel choice and coverage. From gaseous, to bi-fuel to diesel gensets - we have what you need.

We work with some of the finest companies in the industry to provide you with the equipment you require.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Critical Power Resiliency stand behind all products and services provide. 

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